Recidivism and the Micro Home Restaurant

Recidivism and the Micro Home Restaurant

May 17, 2021

By: Chef Mikey ® Garahan

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, is one of Gomer Pyle’s most famous sayings from the 60’s TV comedy.

It’s no surprise the $28.6 billion allocated this May 2021 to aid socially and economically disadvantaged business owners of independent restaurants is not enough.  It’s not even half, of what has been requested.

Our government has acknowledged that it incarcerated way too many of us with mandatory minimum sentences.

So, what’s a Senator to do?

Kansas Senator Oletha Faust Goudeau, initiated many efforts to level the playing field for people of color in her district and the state, only to have then disregarded or buried. (Source: Wichita Democrat).

There was also no state discussion to capture more food dollars locally and hopefully improve the diet and health of more Kansans. (Source Kansas Health Foundation)

Let’s go next door for a Healthier Choice meal with from neighbor!

Utah just passed the MEHKO law, and only allows pick-up from residences.

Here is an excerpt from California’s AB 626 legislation for Micro Home Restaurants, (MEHKO’s).

(6) Small-scale, home-cooking operations can create significant economic opportunities for Californians that need them most — often women, immigrants, and people of color.

In the May 5, 2008 Nation’s Restaurant News published my letter suggested an investor back chefs in independent type restaurants which could create jobs, and they could bring healthier food to their communities.

By the numbers;

Milan, Italy’s InGalera, is a restaurant operated by inmates inside a prison. It is open to the public. The prison has a recidivism rate of under 20% for graduates of their culinary training program.

Average recidivism 65-70% for Italy and California.

The opportunities MEHKO’s can bring provide an effective way to reduce recidivism.

Coming May 24-Serving Food Safely from a MEHKO. (Chef Garahan is a certified ServSafe Instructor & Examination Proctor.

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